About Us:

Native to the Tampa Bay area, Steve Pitts  his two daughters, Kristen and Gina run the business together. Steve has been an owner in the retail industry for 40 years. His daughters are passionate about the legacy and strive to grow the company.

There are currently twelve SWOG pro shops in the state of Florida. The shops have an outstanding reputation from customers, members, and course ownership. They offer the most competitive prices in the golf industry matching big box and online store pricing.

SWOG shops are unique in the ability to cater individually to each pro shop’s identity. The merchandising & delivery service team takes time in learning the customers and member’s style. Understanding their preferences to create masterful selection of inventory.



The SWOG Team 


Steve Pitts – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A born and raised Floridian, Steve has always had a love for the game of golf and entrepreneurship. He has been a retail store owner for over 40+ years. He is looking forward to semi retirement and seeing his families legacy live on and prosper through his children and grandchildren.


Kristen Pitts – Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Kristen is Steve’s youngest daughter. An ambitious determined young woman with a big vision for her family’s dynasty. Kristen runs the day to day operations alongside her father. She is a college graduate from the University of Central Florida and an experienced world traveler. She enjoys playing golf, traveling and spending quality time with her loved ones. 


Gina Banno – Lead Merchandiser

Gina is Steve’s oldest step daughter and has been working for the company for 10+ years. She is our lead merchandiser and makes deliveries each month to all of our locations. Gina enjoys getting to know the members at each golf course and help them with their shopping needs. Personally she is a fabulous cook and enjoys hosting family cookouts at her home. We love Gina.